A Musical Perception of Harmony between Humans and Nature – Trreeo


The Trreeo Company is hidden in a wonderland of flourishing grassland and serene views. As the farm implements vegetative cultivation methods, interdependence thrives in its ecological environment. Many insects, such as dragonflies, Lemnia saucia, Theretra nessus, and Acherontia Lachesis, and even pangolins and owls can all be spotted at the orchard. There are also numerous species of plants along the banks of the flowing streams, including Indian gooseberry trees. Roselle, coffee, beetroots, turmeric, gingers, carrots, pumpkins, and muskmelons, along with large trees, medium-sized shrubs, small herbaceous plants, and climbing vines all are growing at different altitudes and spaces and forming a pattern of “three-layered three-dimensional agriculture.”

Trreeo Company founder Fan Yuan-lung was previously working in an international firm as Vice President of their Asian operations. Under a highly stressful working environment for a long span of time, the constant overseas trips finally triggered serious health problems for Fan in 2008. Since then, he has been focusing on a healthy lifestyle, and in a coincidental setting, Fan was introduced to the green colored Indian gooseberry – a tiny fruit with rich flavor. At first, it tastes sour, crunchy, bitter, and dry all at the same time, but soon it turns sweet and stimulates secretion of saliva to help quench thirst. Indian gooseberry also offers great dietary therapy; it has not only received honors as “India’s sacred fruit,” “life-saving fruit,” and “green diamond,” it has also been designated by U.N. World Health Organization as a healthy plant recommended for cultivation.

Creating a Brand Name via Farming and Agriculture Methods

Fan Yuan-lung has long been regularly taking Indian gooseberry enzyme, and it has immensely helped to improve his health and has therefore prompted him to devote himself to promoting the magical fruit. In 2012, Fan and his wife rented a 8-fen (分) certified land in Tongluo, Miaoli, and began cultivating Indian gooseberries and other agricultural products. In order to produce the best quality products, the whole family went off to learn about different farming methods all over Taiwan, and from there derived the Eco Enzyme Farming method. They decided not to use any pesticides, fertilizers, nor herbicides, not to interfere with or destroy the primitive land and organisms. Natural fermented liquid from fruit peels and vegetable leaves is used to nurture the land, in the hope that they can protect and adjust the soil vitality and thereby awaken the land. All the plants should receive enough nutrition, and all of the animals should have their habitats.

The second generation of their family returned home and established Trreeo Company to work alongside with their father. Considering the market’s transformation, Trreeo decided to work on branding but had no idea where to begin until joining the TGA Brand Counseling Project in 2016. Among the numerous proposals, Trreeo chose the proposal from Victor Branding Design Corp. as it was both focusing on Indian gooseberry fruits and integrating the essence of eco-farming.  Victor Branding cleverly linked the word “trio” with Trreeo’s “three-layered three-dimensional agriculture” and further extended “trio” to “three o’s” – Original, Organic, and Orchard, echoing the belief of Trreeo Company to pursue food’s original flavors. The logo gives the beautiful perception of swaying tree shadows and the grand perception of harmony between humans and nature.

Developing the “Mellow Aftertaste” Collections, Making Use of Pure Raw Materials and Non-Plastic Packaging

The Trreeo Company partnered with Victor Branding to develop a series of Indian gooseberry products named “Mellow Aftertaste,” which includes enzyme drinks, fresh powders, and probiotics powders. The purest natural raw materials that are beneficial to human bodies are used to make these products. Even though Trreeo encountered countless challenges, such as difficulties in finding ingredients, time-consuming procedures, and escalating costs, it has insisted on retaining food’s nutrition during the manufacturing process or presenting it in a way that imakes for easier absorption by human bodies. After discussing with Victor Branding, Trreeo has specially chosen to use FSC certified green papers, which can be sourced to trees found in secondary forests or man-made forests, and not rainforests or primitive forests. It also avoids using genetically modified trees, and plants four trees every time it takes down one as an effort to protect “Earth’s lungs” and to fight against global warming and exploitation of habitats of primitive organisms. Trreeo’s green concept is thoroughly implemented in wrapping its products, as its printing also makes use of completely degradable soy ink, and its packaging is also only one piece with no plastics used.

Trreeo Company found the TGA Brand Counseling Project extremely suitable for small-scale businesses or those who are not familiar with branding concepts.  Through the lessons learned in every stage of counseling, the design company’s observations and analyses allow the businesses to better understand their brands and find more dynamic ideas.  In addition, as long as the businesses follow the timetable set forth by the Project, they will all certainly enjoy a rewarding experience.